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5.5 Hang on 2003 start as a service

I've set up Winamp 5.5 to start as a service using SRVany.

Please note this was on a FRESH install of Winamp 5.5 on a Fresh OS install. (Windows Server 2003)

I'll be as descriptive as possible.

The server startup string in the registry was:

PATH/winamp.exe "PATH/playlist.m3u"
- This string was copied from another existing server setup which worked.
- the same string typed into the command line would bring up winamp with no problems.

- If Winamp was brought up by the service Winamp would not appear on the screen. The executable would show in processes and hang using 50% processor. (Dual Core AMD)

Again if I had brought up winamp normally everything works fine.

I fixed this by reinstalling an older version 5.24 the service comes up fine and everything works.

Also the second 2003 server which was a 5.5 upgrade windows service startup works ok.

I realize that this is a rare setup of Winamp but I'd just like to document this for anyone who may search for it in the future.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about this for the bugfix team let me know.
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