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5.2 Lost my Bookmarks

am i the only one this happened to?

i installed 5.2 over my old 5.13, it went fine. i went to open my bookmarks, they were empty! my Winamp.bm file was there in the main directory and was perfectly fine.

i couldn't find how to import my 'old' bookmarks, so i did it by hand (copy url, play url, add current to bookmarks, edit name). now i have my bookmark list back (thank goodness it's short), but where the heck is 5.2 storing them?
if you guys are going to change how winamp stores them, you might at least give users an option of importing the old ones. if it hasn't changed, then why isn't 5.2 reading my old file?
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nothing was changed with how the bookmarks are stored but there should be no reason for it to not recognise them or did you choose the multi-user option in the installer? (that's the only thing i can think off to cause that since it would mean winamp is reading/saving settings to a new folder instead of to the program folder)

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Moved from Bug Reports to Tech Support.

Did you checkmark "separate settings per user" on screen 4 of the installer options?

Note, default/old behaviour is "shared settings for all users".

If you selected the former option, then Winamp will now be saving settings (winamp.ini, studio.xnf, winamp.bm, media library database) in your user dir (by default = C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp

If you did, then you can simply copy the respective old files from the
C:\Program Files\Winamp folder into the User folder.

Although this is more of a feature request, and not a bug, I do agree with you that there should be an option to import current settings when you upgrade from a previous version but choose the multi-user setup option.

[Edit] Bleh, too slow again. Hi DrO [/Edit]
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