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Skipping in MP3s in Winamp

System specs:

OS: Windows XP SP1 (Fully updated with the latest patches)
Winamp: 3.0d (I've installed the suggested update for skipping problems)
Processor: AMD XP 1200+
Memory: 512Megs
Sound: Hercules Game Theatre XP 6.1 with the latest drivers

The problem:

This problem has only developed over the past three weeks or so, and I have not installed any new software durring that time to have effected this.

My MP3s all skip, like a badly scratched CD. At first I thought it was just when the CPU load was high but I have since kept an eye on that while playing MP3s and nothing is different when they skip from other times. It now seems to be a constant problem.

The MP3s play fine in other programs.

If I disable directsound the problem is less noticible and occurs less frequently, but it is still there.

I have searched the forums and after reading numerous posts about updating sound drivers and installing the update to winamp and finding nothing else I decided to post, as I have done those two things.

Any ideas?
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check for driver updates for your soundcard
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