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My debut pack is out, go get it here
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As fun as two chocolate bars! Amazing work, you clearly included only the best ones
Well, maybe you should've left out compressor, but i can relate to those "first"-ones and why you'd want to keep them

Without further ado, here's the classical preset-by-preset review.

The Construct
I liked this a lot when it first came out, but today it seems a bit outdated (just a bit ) It's still a great preset and i really like the speed=volume reaction (of course, i tend to use it quite often myself )

Cold Fusion
Of course, camera rotation, reactions, colors, effects all is 100% kick-ass:ery I was amazed by this when i first saw it and im amazed by it even now!

Dunno, is rotation delay & solid objects something really hard technically? Can't really relate to this preset since im not a tech-head, but the preset itself is very nice.

Inverse Eruption
Im a analyzer junkie and this is my drug

The design really saves this one, otherwise quite your standard metablob preset, apart from the akward stop&go motion.

Pearl Beats
Everyone is showing off with these kinds of presets
Very lovely once it reaches it's full lenght.

I do believe this was the first preset i saw from you and i was really impressed, from that day i knew you would do great things in AVS And so you have!

Mass scope & dm syncing, awesome preset mainly because there's just so much to follow that pulse,spin & fly to the music.

Quite original trick with the background, though the scope doesn't seem to fit with it.

Like i said, not much compared to the more modern presets in this pack, but you gotta love em first-ones

The sphere dm and grid combo is getting quite repetitive, but what can you do when it fits so well in all of your presets. More variety doesn't hurt though. Anyway, the main attraction, the rings are great, they look & react goodly.

I think i prefer The Construct more, but not a bad spin-off, not bad at all.

Glass Peeks
Well whadday know, it's one of my favourites too

Yeah, the curves are cool, i agree, but the scope alone is not enough this time imo.

ZOMG1337!!! Cube presets just can't get any better than this, seriously, if anyone even tries to do something better, they will fail.

It is a bit more interesting than clusterfuck, but takes quite some time to reach it's full lenght and there's also some strange jumping every once in a while which ruins the otherwise smooth motion.

It's the last one of the pack and definetly the best of it, this baby is just... mesmerizing in fullscreen

Btw. I hope you're going to release it on Devart soon, because i can't wait to +fav it

Texer Resources

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Probably both...
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hmm not bad for a first pack..

try reading the tut.. cough just kidding

so.. well. eermmm. yea.

Since tugg already came with a full review, I'll just list my faves:
The Construct
cold fusion
Ion core
Clusterfuck (!) (I don't need a bg with such candy..)

spaget - takes too long to grow, and a bit too flat on the colors, some more darker yellow (brownish) wouldn't have hurt imo

Overall: 4.75 - of gewoon een 9,5 in normale nederlandse cijfers

/edit: is WA5.111 20 times more crash sensitive than the previous one with you guys too?

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Brilliant job.

My favorites include:
- The Construct
- Cold Fusion
- Inverse Eruption (As with Tug, I'm an analyzer junkie. )
- Pearl Beats
- Ion-core
- Forcefield
- Glass Peaks (This just gets better and better with each viewing.)
- Clusterfuck (Love the name, btw. )
- Feedbackcube (WOAH! )
- Mesmerize

Overall, I easily give it five stars, two thumbs up, and one "hell of a good job!"

Spiral out, my friend. You will find your way back to yourself, we all will.
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Put this on devart so i can fav it


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nice pack...
Pearl Beats,
The Construct and
are my favs

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cold fusion & feedbackcube is totaly hell good ~
delerius quite simple but still looks good..
i think hextic are more cooler than the construct coz i prefer the slow motion movement for that preset ..
overall, i love this pack!

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Good touch ups on the construct from the last time I saw it. Wonderful preset.

Cold Fusion feels a little cluttered to me...

Kompakt looks nice in terms of tech, but could use some more movement or something.

Tech is nice on Inverse Eruption but not quite there artistically.

I still like metaballs regardless of how many times or ways they are done. Good texture.

Pearl Beats is a very pretty preset. Great choice on colors and I like the movement. What strange attractor equation did you use?

Iced looks nice.

I LOVE the rotating parallel lines in Ion-Core. It's an easy effect but damn is it nice looking! Great job on this one.

Delerius... ehh. It's not bad, but you've done better.

Compressor for some reason makes me giggle. I don't know why, but it does. I like the pauses. Clean z-sort. Well done!

Forcefield. Mmmm.

Hextic: Not as good as The Construct.

I like Glass Peaks but I think it could use more color at one time. I know it cycles but maybe some glow or something?

Clusterfuck is a nice techy preset but not much else though I am curious how you did it if you would care to divulge that info.

Feedback Cube is very nice! Good job covering up the ugly edges. Rock.

Spaget. Again cool scope work but you need more. ie movement, color, background, or something

Mesmerize: Good convo work. Deal.
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