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Edit or Disable Shoutcast Status Page?

Can the PLS file be edited? Not sure I am undertsanding how it works. I have a domain name forwarding to my broadcast. But when you access it in the URL, it brings up the Shoutcast DNAS status.

I did a search for the pls file on my pc but nothing so I can only assume that that page is on Shoutcast? Am I right? So what's happening is you are able to look at the page properties and see the IP Address which I do not want to disclose.

Is there a way around not having the Shotcast page available to everyone?
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You cannot edit or do anything with the shoutcast page, its agaainst the rules.

An ip address wont get you hacked or anything
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if you want to do this try icecast.
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Well whatever tcp port you are runing on , the shoutcast page too is running on that port.
The only way I know how to block is it using a firewall that can look at the URI and block everything but listen.pls, or listen.m3u.

If you later wanted to have a php script or radiotoolbox looking at the stats, it need access to that port to pull the stats which are inside the html code the server makes on the fly.

You can creat a pls file and place it on another web server. This is what I do. I dont point anyone directly to the url of the server without listen.pls or listen.m3u

hope that made sense.


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