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Sorry, but I forgotten to add my preset
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Well i am not the best around here but for your firts try its ok.
I will let Rovastar or Krash give you the download and how to inprove it...there the KINGS arong this place

Keep on trying.

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Originally posted by Fvese
I will let Rovastar or Krash give you the download and how to inprove it...there the KINGS arong this place
I prefer to think of myself as The Preset Sensei.

Hey Rova - is it possible for you to give us custom subtitle under our names?

Regarding the preset - not bad, especially for a first attempt. A couple comments though:

The line "zoming = sin(time*5)" does nothing. There is no variable called zoming, so this line is declaring the user variable "zoming". You don't use the variable anywhere else though, so this doesn't affect anything.

You're declaring a whole bunch of variables in per_frame that don't need declaring. You're specifically setting values for zoom, rot, cx, cy, etc. Why? You can do this in the menus, and it makes the preset cleaner (and arguably, run slightly faster).

Your colour cycling code needs some tweaking. It looks nice, but it repeats itself extremely often, and there's no variety. For clear instructions on how to make more random colour cycling, hit www.milkdrop.co.uk, and download the guide. The tutorials at the end (specifically tutorial 1) goes into alot of depth about things that get used often, and newcomers to milkdrop don't understand. Have a read. They're worthwhile.

Lastly, take the time and effort to spell things correctly in your presets. It's really not that much more time consuming, and it's a better reflection on you as an author. Specifically, I'm talking about "zoming" (which was meant to be "zooming", right?), and "obr" (which defines the inside circular part, so I assume you meant "orb").

Still, don't let me discourage you. I'm a perfectionist, and I'll often pick at the little things. Please be welcome to the preset editing community, and keep posting more presets! You can only learn by practising.

- Krash

Eighty-three percent of all statistical quotes are made up on the spot.

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Send a message via AIM to Rovastar
Sadly I do not have the power to change stuff in the names - I cannot even change my own!!!

I have even requested my name be changed but the rest of the winamp mod people just ignored me. Us MilkDropers are like third class citizens in the winamp world.

BTW Krash your link is wrong. A rouge ',' in there. Go edit it.

Anyway back to this preset. Welcome Bizum.

Nice start. I second what Krash says about the zoming variable also you have 'bass1' in the to which does nothing. If you get change this to bass the colour variety is a little more anyway.

"(and arguably, run slightly faster). "

Apparently not I argued that first but had a few email chats with Ryan a bit ago and he put me straight and removed that bit from the guide.
But I agree it does look cleaner.

I am not going to make any comment I know what my track record is like for spelling.

Yeah but I like it is pretty good for a first attempt. The quality now of presets is getting better and better as we learn more so it is harder to impress on a first attempt. It does get a lot easier honestly.

"Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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Thanks for yours oppinion

First about spelling:
- I'm from Poland so I can have some problems with english but, "obr"- it isn't "orb". It is shortcut from "OBRót" whith means in Polish "rotare".
- "zoming" it could be "zooming" but it doesn't matter

I forgotten to del the line "zoming = sin(time*5)"

Thanks for other advices. I will try to improve my plug-ins.

See you later, to the next plug-in.
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