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the end of 7 good years

Buffy the vampire slayer has been going on for 7 years and tomorrow will be the finale on UPN. I just wanna say that it is an amazing episode and I will always remember Buffy as being an excellent series.

Shame to see it go
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I still remember being about 10 years old laying next to the neighbor at the lake and watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie...but I never got into the show.

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I stayed for the ballbag.
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Thank The F&*% For that! Sorry was one of my dislikes But enjoy the last one your self anyway

I was well cheesed when they finished the X-Files

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The X files was never the same after the first series. the first series was amazing but the rest never lived up to it so i didn't mind too much. Never really watched buffy.

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raz, if that's your real name?

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Originally posted by Widdykats
raz, if that's your real name?
then picture
oh jeez..

...well I always liked scully
Gillian Anderson was shexy.

as for Fox/David he was alright until he died and came back in some episodes then things were like " david you suck " "your never going to make it in the movie business, you can't just leave the X-files, you SUCK! " "but Gillian still kicks ass"

...oh sorry about that. I will stop now.
[me and my stupid mouth]
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I used to like watching Buffy, until everyhting got way too far fetched and confusing. Oh well, Buffy isn't even cute anymore.
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YES! Another horrid show goes off the air. Next on the list is "Trading Spaces".
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