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Full Screen Visualizations

When I use the full screen function (AVS), it slows WAY down. But if I just stretch the visualization to fit full screen, it works fine. The problem is only with the "full screen" function. I've tried several different screen resolutions in the AVS settings and I tried pixel-doubling. I can use milkdrop fine, but I like the AVS visualizations better. I also have a brand new computer, 512 MB RAM, 2.8 GHz.
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From Visualizations > AVS > Sticky: AVS Frequently Asked Questions...

Question #9: AVS is incredibly slow on my computer! How can I speed it up?

The answer is simple: you can't. AVS only uses your CPU, so having a fast 3D graphics card won't help much. Here are some tips in speeding it up:

- Run in 32-bit mode. This might sound weird, but 32-bit color depth is a lot faster than 16-bit in AVS. This is because everything is calculated at 32-bit internally, so any other mode requires the image to be converted each frame.

- Run in a low resolution. If your video-card doesn't support resolutions like 320x240 or 400x300 at 32-bit, you can use pixel-doubling. This effectively halves the actual resolution (e.g. 640x480 pixel-doubled is the same as 320x240).

- Turn off any other programs or background processes that are running.
Also try Fullscreen Overlay...
Right click in AVS window > AVS Editor > Settings > Fullscreen > checkmark 'Use fullscreen overlay mode (current bpp is used)'

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