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*Is there a way to get sprites to go off every minute...

without having to enter 00-99?
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Not really, though if you only have a few sprites that you want to do this with, you could get away with something else.

If you coded into each of your sprites to check once a minute (when time mod 60 = 0) what the current value of frame is, and setting opacity to either 0 (totally transparent) or a non-zero number, depending on the mod of the framecount.

so, in one sprite code, you'd have

and in two others, check frame&3 against 1 and 2.

When you start milkdrop, activate all three sprites, and once a minute, it will appear to randomly change which sprite is being displayed.

This wouldn't work for very large numbers of sprites - as you'd quickly fill up your video ram, and MD would slow to a crunchy halt.

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I know it should be on the wishlist...

Wouldn't it be realy nice to activate the sprites from within a preset. That way, a preset would become more of a preset-pack. I've made some really nice tries on sprites, but some of them only work with some of the presets...
Also, when the preset would call them, they would really work together in a way

I'd like to code it like: 'sprite1=1; sprite1_a=.9'
to disable it: 'sprite1=0;'

or something like that....
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