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5.56 Notification Window - Distorted Text

Couldn't find any other topics like this, I did search.

I recently finished installing Vista 64bit, was previously using an earlier version of Winamp and Vista 32bit. Not sure if the O/S upgrade or Winamp version upgrade introduced this problem.

Anyway, the notification window that comes up in the bottom right of the screen that shows song name and "End of Playback" now has distorted text.

After the window has finished fading in, portions of the text get a green/purple/pink distortion (majority of the text), when fading out starts again the distortion goes away.

Vista Ultimate x64
i7 920 Quad
6GB DDR3 1600
ATI Radeon 4870x2 (Catalyst 9.6)


EDIT: Images showing the problem:

1. Fading in, no distortion

2. Finished fading, distorted

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probably the driver... on vista32 nvidia i don't see it.

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I'm seeing the same problem as the original poster: discolored, distorted text in the notification window. I never saw this issue on previous versions of Winamp. I'm running a fresh install of Vista 64 if it matters.
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Don't know if you found an answer already, but I had the same issue, also on Vista 64x. I got rid of the annoyance by turning off the Desktop Alpha Blending.

Go to preferences, Skins:Modern Skins, the tab 'Alpha Blending' and clearing the checkbox 'Enable Desktop Alpha Blending'.

Hope it works for you too!

Btw, I don't know if it's the video driver, but I'm running ATI... so I'm guessing it's a Vista 64x issue.
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Same problem and also opposite one

I have had the weird text show up for me as well. But I am still a Windows XP user but I do have an ATI card (Crossfired 4800 series) with the latest drivers.

But for me, what has been happening more is that the notification window comes in as transparent but the text is fine. I have the alpha blending link all windows unticked in Preferences and have the Windowshade opacity follow the main window which is at 100% opacity.

The weird thing is that it happens periodically almost randomly. The problem is rectified when I shutdown/restart Winamp or simply switch to another skin and back. On that, it happens with all of my skins that I use that have a notification window, with or without cPro. And it's only with the nofitication window; none of the other windows ever show that problem.

It is rather annoying.

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i was just reading about someone having these strange colors appear on text while under the influence of mdma and found this thread


i think it means you're high
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