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Endless Online Radio Playback


I'm using winamp on a machine without any keyboard, mouse or screen attached to it. I just log in via VNC when it's necessary.
I'm using this machine to play online radios.

Every time when there is no internet connection aviable, winamp gets stuck in buffering. I have to manually stop and restart the stream, which is uncomfortable to me.^^

Is there a way to make winamp re-connect to the stream when the connection if lost (even for a few minutes or hours)?
Or even better: to make it just skip to the next entry in playlist (so i could place some mp3s in there in case of no internet connection is aviable.)

Thanks in advance for any answeres.
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Rhino Cracker
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If there is no help, you have to help yourself.....

@echo off

For /F "tokens=* delims=" %%i in ('tasklist /V /FI "imagename eq winamp.exe" ^|find "[Buffer 0%%"') Do WACommand.exe /next
warten.exe 10000 > nul
goto :loop

requires WACommand.exe and warten.exe (self-compiled c-exe only calling system.wait function with the submitted wait time in milliseconds).

I can provide you with the files if wanted - but a system wait finction can also be implemented otherwise (e.g. a ping to yourself).

EDIT: Attached required files including source for warten.exe
Attached Files
File Type: zip Warteprog.zip (141.6 KB, 93 views)
File Type: zip WACommand.zip (17.8 KB, 101 views)
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Nice work.
It usually feels pretty good to solve a problem yourself.

Winamp has command line capability that makes WACommand unnecessary.
You can see the options by typing winamp /? in a Command window opened at the Winamp installation folder.

If you also replace warten.exe 10000 > nul with timeout /T 10, special requirements can be avoided.

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