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I have a few beefs...

First off, ever since I can remember, the mini-visualization in the file info box never stays there past application close. It's thoroughly annoying. Second, since I updated to 5.551, after a few minutes of using the visualizer (any size, mini, window, full, etc.) it crashes Winamp, and Windows asks me to close it or debug. Why is this? Also new since the update to 5.551 the randomize feature of the playlist editor for some reason throws two songs from the same artist next to each other very frequently, and sometimes even the same song despite the fact that there is only one of that song in my library. Help with any or all of these issues would be wonderful, thanks!

Edit: Oh, and another thing (and the list continues) ever since the update to 5.551, album art is not working properly. Albums are taking on seemingly random art, from other albums in my library. The only exception seems to be files that have art integrated into them.


EDIT: The visualizer plugin I'm using is Milkdrop.
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Which version # did you upgrade to 5.551 from?

Info required
Windows OS, CPU, Graphics card?
List Of Plugins
HijackThis log
Details of the crash error message
Which skin are you using?

It's by design that the vis doesn't load at startup.
Music has to be playing first for most vis plugins to work...

You would need to checkmark "Auto execute vis plugin on play" in Prefs -> Plugins,
and either open Winamp by double-clicking a playlist file,
or use an Autoplay plugin such as the Time Restore And Autoplay plugin included in the Essentials Pack.

I didn't quite understand your "randomize feature of the playlist editor" problem.
That feature only randomizes whatever's already in the Playlist Editor.
It doesn't add anything new, not from the Media Library or anywhere else.
Therefore I can only guess that you already had duplicates in the playlist.

Re: Album Art

Winamp will only load (in the following order):
Embedded art
%ExactAlbumName%.jpg/gif/png/bmp in the same folder as the music files.
An .nfo file with the exact same name as a jpg/etc image in the same dir
Cover.jpg/gif/png/bmp in the same folder as the music files.
Folder.jpg/gif/png/bmp in the same folder as the music files.

Therefore one of those conditions must exist for Winamp to show album art.

At a guess, it's probably this from the FAQ

Winamp shows wrong Album Art (due to WMP11 saving hidden/system folder.jpg files)
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