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Some problem using Shoutcast Server v2.6.0.753 built 25 april 2019


We use on Shoutcast Server v2.6.0.753/posix(linux x64) built 25 april 2019 and we have some problems we like to share and we hope someone can help us (we have a primium account):

1) streambackupurl do not work.
We use: streambackupurl_1=http://iport/stream (same format bitrate etc, public)
We see no log about it why this is not working

2) When we start the stream or AACv2 64k work afther 15 min. We see in the log: [Licence sid=2] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed
We use primium account and use in the conf file the userid, licenceid and streamauthhash.
So why must we wait for the check? Is there a setting to speed up this proc?

3) Using multi ip on one server. YP proc over other ip than dstip/srcip? So in the radio manger you see the wrong ip/url.
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Michel, that version hasnt been released to the public yet
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They're using the same version as me.
However, I have the version from SHOUTcast with the note: "This is a beta version and therefore errors can occur". Especially since the YP-Connection has been changed in this version.

1: I'm afraid I can't help you with that.
2: I'm afraid I have the AAC problem too. So far I have not found a solution.
3: This can cause the YP problem.

Maybe you are using the official version and no beta if it worked for the previous version.

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