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Are there any premium preset packs that can actually put modern GPUs to work?

I realize both winamp and milkdrop are pretty much dead.. but foobar2000 is still alive and works great with lossless multichannel music. Are there any premium preset packs? All the ones I find seem to be older and relatively simple.
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You can try some of Martin/Nitorami's latest presets in his topic here, "My Complete Collection" or download the "52K + (FIFTY TWO THOUSAND +) ... preset pack I posted and check out martin's mandelbox explorer . Although I doubt any milkdrop preset will be able to challenge a modern GPU.

Hope this helps, cheers .

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .
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Although I doubt any milkdrop preset will be able to challenge a modern GPU.
Just because milkdrop uses a flat texture mesh, this does not mean it cannot cause a lot of GPU load. In fact it is easy to overload any GPU.
I usually designed my presets to run at a framerate of minimum 30fps on my old GeForce 7600. Sometimes that was a challenge, and meant I had to reduce complexity or remove extra effects.
My new PC has a cheap AMD on-board GPU, however somewhat more powerful, so I might pack additional effects into the presets. I won't, because I want my presets to run smoothly also on average machines. It's no good to make presets that stutter along at 5fps except if run on an extreme gaming PC.

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I have tried that again on my Workstation PC after a longer time, some days ago and also 3 days ago. The second time I got again the "Blackout". Nothing had helped anymore, also not CTRL + Shift + K or ESC (although I didn't have used the fullscreen mode). I had to use the turn-off-button on the tower, not the best method to turn off a computer. But because it happens also, if I want to look into my Firefox-History or if I want to add new Firefox-Bookmarks, maybe the tower has to go to the service-shop next Spring, for the system maintenance which should have been done again finally. My graphic card of my Workstation PC with Windows Vista is NVIDIA GeForce GT 230.

On my notebook with Windows 7 I didn't have experienced such problems yet, and the graphic card there is AMD.

For now, on my PC it is much better to go into the Now Playing Tab with the album artwork only, and I enjoy the music with the Milkdrop Visualizer on my notebook instead. I do that with very good circumaural headphones anyway. Then nobody can say, I would disturb the neighbors (but also the loudspeakers of my PC and of the TV are only on a very low volume).

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Try finding the Harlequin presets by Rovastar. You would probably have to search the forums for the individual posts but those are still some of the best ones ever made imo

Here's a good starting point.
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