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Flawed compiler msg with MB_YESNOCANCEL?

I encountered a compiler error message that was misleading (at least to me) and would encourage you to address it.

I was trying to get
to work to avoid overwriting a user's data. Mea culpa, I was including too many parameters, which the documentation would have made clear if I'd stared at it longer. However, the compiler error message indicated MessageBox could only handle 2-4 parameters. Actually, MB_YESNOCANCEL works with 6 parameters.

See excerpt from message posted for Nsis forum. I got a VERY speedy reply that set me straight, but thought I'd report the compiler message for your attention. Nsis is a terrific piece of software, and I'd like to participate in making it even better!


I have the following statement, which the compiler rejects. Seems like it ought to work. I assume I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions? How do you make MB_YESNOCANCEL work with only 2-4 parameters?

MessageBox MB_YESNOCANCEL|MB_ICONQUESTION "InvStats.xml exists: Yes=Overwrite No=Keep Cancel=Abort Installation" IDYES StatsOverwrite IDNO StatsNoOverwrite IDCANCEL StatsAbort

MessageBox expects 2-4 parameters, got 8.
Usage: MessageBox mode messagebox_text [return_check label_to_goto_if_equal [return_check2 label2]]
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put this thing in the right forums, you'll get some real help that way
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