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Content-Type: misc/ultravox ?????

If you search SHOUTcast for All Games Radio you get this playlist:

Title1=(#1 - 16/180) All Games Radio

open it in Winamp and this is stream info:

Server: Ultravox 2.0
Content-Type: misc/ultravox
Ultravox sync: 1351 messages, 0 desyncs
Ultravox Data Message: 0x7000
Ultravox SID/AvgBR/MaxBR: 0/0/0

What the heck is content-type: Ultravox? The thing is PSP refuses to play this stream because content type is not MPEG or AAC+ I assume. Is there a way of filtering non MPEG streams?
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ultravox is the name of the newer format used with the streaming data (though it's been in use for quite some time now from what i remember) though the newest v2 DNAS server now provides streams with a content type of misc/ultravox(2.1)

thinktink posted something recently about using a PSP (script i think it was) as a client though until the newer drop of the v2 DNAS server is released (and it would require the stream to update their version) then there's not much which can be done in getting the PSP to connect to the stream.

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Aye, it's not a script, it's a plugin for the PSP's browser for tuning in almost like the AJAX object except it's not a single object, just a series of functions.

Developers creating a PSP radio shortcut and corresponding PSP webpage for that shortcut have no control over how the plugin in the PSP sends it's requests to the streaming server except the User-Agent field and what URL/resource to get, or at least that's all I could find in the documentation:

When you had mentioned that the PSP was sending a farked Accept-Encoding field I tried overriding it with by adding "\r\nAccept-Encoding: */*" to the User-Agent field and it did show up during test output to a binary dump "server" but also still outputted the originally badly formed Accept-Encoding field after.

So yeah, it's not possible to make a work-around for the PSP with the page script.

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