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How can I do this selective sync?

I'm sure this can be done but I can't quite get my head around it ...

I have two folders

and two ipods (his+hers)

I want to sync all music with both but only a couple of folders under audiobooks with each ipod (and different ones as she's listening to something different ...)

Any pointers to get me started ?

thanks ...
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set up some smart views for each - for music:
Filename Contains "\music"
(going from your example), and for the audiobooks either
Filename Contains "\audiobooks\hisfolder1" OR Filename Contains "\audiobooks\hisfolder2"
or alternatively just manually maintain a couple of playlists.
Then just set ml_ipod to only sync the playlists/smart views you want on each iPod.

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2 Pices that may help"


Look in particular at "Sync Query".

Also remember that, using different names for each iPod, will also give you different setups.
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thanks for you comments

smart views are definitely the way to go - that is exactly what I want to do!

unfortunately I completely missed the no unicode support! so it's back to the drawing board ...
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