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shuffled albums?

Is there a way to play an entire album (tracks in order) and then shuffle to another full album, and repeat? This would be like having a jukebox randomly choosing CDs and playing them. I know it could be done with like an array of playlists (if that's possible?). Maybe there's an easier way and I'm just not thinking of it, but I didn't see a solution upon searching the forums.

Also, it would be very nice if in the Media Library under Local Media/Audio, under the Albums heading, double-clicking "All (# albums)" would play random albums in their entirety. (Similarly, double-clicking "All (# artists)" under Artists would play all songs by a random artist, ordered by filename).

Sorry if any of that is confusing, I can't really think of a better way to explain it without being vague. Thanks in advance.
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You know... that is a very good idea. If it would be possible to load multiple playlists into one (ie., instead of loading MP3s, you'd load M3U files, which would play the MP3s/CD in order... and you could shuffle the playlist files, so they play in a different order. Never thought of this. Of course, there are other ways to do this, and hopefully something like this makes its way into WA5.
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I think Album List is a plugin that would perform what you want... Not sure how to access album shuffle, but in the the homepage, it is tolds that the function exists...
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I'd like to see something like this in WA5, too.

I think I tried Album List before, but it didn't shuffle between Albums or something.
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I asked for this feature a couple of months ago in the wishlist because the iPod does it, was told not to hold my breath.

Shuffling albums/artists in their entirety would be awesome.
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Album list isn't quite it. You can already select play all by artist or play all from album by right-clicking on an item in the ml. Instead of shuffle what we need is a plugin that uses the ml info to autoenqueue all by artist or all from album at random. Wincue already does this for individual songs.
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