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Ways to disable path saving in playlists + displaying total playlist time in minutes?

Firstly, is there any way to get rid of Winamp's extremely annoying "habit" of saving full paths to the files when creating playlists? The first thing I do after saving a playlist from Winamp is editing it manually and replacing all paths that it inserted with an empty string, but it's tedious, and sometimes I forget to do this, making e.g. any long lists archived to CD-ROMs absolutely useless. So, is there any way to simply save only file names, without drives and directories that they're in, to the playlists, as it should be done?

Second, the fact that the total time of all items on the playlist, together, is displayed in "hours:minutes:seconds" bugs me, too, and I've tried to find any setting allowing me to display it as "minutes:seconds", without "converting" the time of more than 60 minutes to hours... alas, I could not find such an option - is there any way to do it?
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Sorry, but I don't quite understand you.
Winamp saves the playlists with relative paths, so...
if you save the m3u playlist in the same dir as the actual mp3 files
then the paths will just include the filename only
(it does for me anyway).

However, if you save the playlist to a different dir, then the paths will still be relative, but will also include parent/sub folder relative path.
It's only if you save to a different drive that the paths will be absolute (drive:\path\to\file.ext)

So yeah, that's all there is to it , really...

Re: Playlist total time display
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