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"Can't open decoder" error

Hello all,
Sorry if this is a simple issue that I'm just not seeing - I didn't realize that there is a degree of expertise required to use Winamp!
All I'm trying to do is rip a CD from my PCs CD-RW drive to MP3 files under Win XP. I'm running Winamp 5.03c Pro.
Under Options > Preferences > Plugins > Input I select:
CD/LineIn Plugin (CDDB2) v3.01 in_cdda.dll
For Output I select:
Nullsoft Disk Writer plugin v.2.0c (x86) (out_disk.dll)
When I try to 'rip all tracks' I get the error:

Error ripping track#: Can't open decoder - Aborting.

I sent an e-mail to tech support, but all I get back is a boilerplate response stating:
Make sure "digital audio extraction" is checkmarked in the CD plugin config
(Prefs -> Plugins -> Input -> in_cdda -> config)
Also try checking/unchecking "use sonic engine" Make sure "digital audio extraction" is checkmarked in the CD plugin config

This didn't correct the problem. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Dirck
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Sorry for another boilerplate....

From the Common Issues section of the Troubleshooters Sticky....

Error ripping track #1: Can't open decoder - Aborting...

Sonic Burning/Ripping Engine errors/problems
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=157326 (px.dll - ordinal +373 error)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....37#post1202637 (px.dll - ordinal 373 error)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=167981 (ripping: no mp3's created)

Good Luck

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DJ Egg
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If you're running Winamp Pro, then the proper ripping method is outlined in the Help docs.

Note: input plugins do NOT need to be selected. They are all active.

Prefs > CD Ripping
Encoder tab: Select MP3 Encoder
and select the desired quality (--alt-preset standard = recommended)
Set up the desired settings in the other tabs
(output file settings, etc)

Then go to: Media Library > Devices > CD drive
and click "Rip" button...

If you have problems with the Sonic Ripping engine,
then as suggested in the links provided above by JM,
uncheck that option, and use wnaspi32.dll instead.

btw, have you by any chance installed some crappy 3rd-party mp3 decoder (input plugin), eg. in_mp3pro or in_mad?
If so, then disable it and make sure Nullsoft in_mp3.dll is the only active mp3 decoder.

Also note that you SHOULD still be able to use the old DiskWriter Output method,
but we'll maybe go further into that later...?

If you require further help, then please supply relevant system specs
(windows os, cd drive make/model, cpu/ram/mobo, sound card, directx)
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Thank you both for your help. DJ Egg - I did just as you noted, but still got the error (this is the only mp3 encoder/decoder on my system.) However, I downloaded the new wnaspi32.dll and it now seems to work OK (thanks for the tip, JonnyMac!) Thanks again, Dirck
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