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Ripping at only x1.5 slow

I must admit that the WM 10 mp3 ripper is a lot faster than winamp. It's too slow, any solution?
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Faster isn't always better. For instance, Exact Audio Copy isn't fast, but it is accurate. Alternately there's CDEX. You may eventually find that checking files for errors & replacing the ones with errors takes more time than you'd expect. I trust EAC. Some people like CDEX better so I mention it too.

Either of these is preferable to using a media player to rip because they have error correction.

/edit With luck, the links above will work. The filters at work block them both so I can't verify.

/edit grammar

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They both work, however I'd recommend the full EAC bundle.

As for Winamp, it actually uses fast ripping mode just like WiMP.
What's slower is the mp3 encoder, but (at least using the --alt-preset quality settings, see here for a quick explanation) it's also a lot better than the one used by WiMP10.
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System specs? (cpu, ram, cd-rom drive)

Winamp version?

What settings are you using?

Winamp > Prefs > CD Ripping
Encoder tab: Encoding format?
What speeds do you get with: WAV Output | AAC Output | others ?
If using MP3 Encoder, then what settings are you using?
Quality? Mode? etc
Are you using High or Very High Quality presets?

Ripping tab:
What speed is selected?
Is "use bundled Sonic Engine" checkmarked?
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