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Ratings Option

I would like an option to choose how ratings are stored. I know that there are work arounds to prevent the "disappearing" ratings, but they are cumbersome and unnecesary. There should be an option to choose where they are stored. Either to an xml file, or to the actual mp3 itself.

If it's stored to the xml/db then there should not be any connection between the physical file location and the actual rating. It should be based on the id3 tag info or file name so that you can still move you files around and not lose your ratings.

I still prefer the idea of storing it directly to the id3 tag itself as it lets me share my ratings with all of my pc's on my network when I am using a different box.

Still the option to choose the behaviour is probably the most fair way to present this to other users. If it's not possible to store them to the id3 tag, an option to import and export your ratings via an xml file would rock. This would have the side benefit of sharing my ratings with my friends and vice versa which could save me HOURS!!!

Please consider some of this, it would make me unbelievably happy. And I AM a PAYING customer.
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i agree with glitch77k.

i also would like to see that the ratings given my me are stored in the id3v2 tag because as it is now the ratings are lost if the mp3 is moved. example: i rename my files because i am sorting my mp3 collection and all my work rating all my mp3s is lost.

i think its very easy to realize for the winamp developers because the id3v2 is actually supported by winamp.

there a frame called POPM in the specs of id3v2 where the rating can be stored easily. it also come with the advantage that the POPM frame supports a much better rating resolution (0-255 stars).

please think about it.

So lonG
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So where are the Ratings

I also think this would be a great idea, I have lost my OS to a HDD crashed but I had a backup of my music on my laptop which I was able to get my music back but no ratings. I think this would be a great thing, store it in a XML file or in the Mp3 its self.
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Also want Ratings stored in ID3v2 tags

Just want to add my voice in the request for Ratings to be stored in the audio files ID3v2 Rating tag. Would make ratings cross player compatible and prevent the loss of data if the library DB is lost or the file name/path changed.
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Me too. Only I'd prefer an entirely new storage structure allowing arbitrary fields, independent of what the media files are capable of. This way I could utilize custum fields such as "owner", "venue", "best AVS presets for this song", "replaygain values".
I say a new structure because it seems that the winamp ML is bogged down by only a few thousand songs, but other databases such as itunes can handle many more without any slowdown. I don't know how these things work under the surface, but I'm assuming that winamp's searching method just isn't as efficient.
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One more time: loss of ratings

Guess why I stumbled into this thread ... because I just lost the major part of my ratings after having re-organized my MP3 data base !
As already requested, please enable the use of the 'popularimter' (frame POPM) of the ID3v2 standard in order to keep the ratings in the MP3 tag.
Just for curiosity: where else is the rating info stored right now ?
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I second that (strongly)

I basicly use the Rating to "comb" my Music Collection. I want to listen to music I like. So I use the Rating to sort the ones I don't like out (even delete them after a while). In Windows Media Player there is an Option to save Ratings to the Media File itself. MS uses not the offical Rating Tag (IDv2) but some own (how wonders) field. But they save it in the Media File itself... Would be nice to have Winamp do the same !!!
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Hey DJ Egg - we are in the Wishlist and there seams to be no point to put Links to Workarounds in the Wishlist-Section of the Forum. I found all those Links allready and they aren't a solution... IMHO it should be built-in
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I could cry for you.
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