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Jump to Track Number

Dr. O or anyone else who can help-

I just installed the "Jump to" plug-in for Winamp. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times and I did my best to find an answer/solution to my problem searching the forums. But I had no success.

I am trying to set up Winamp to jump to a track simply by pressing the corresponding number(s) on the keyboard without having to open a dialog box like when pressing Shift J. And of course, I'd like it function even when Winamp isn't in focus.

Is this possible? Do you have or know of a plug-in that will accomplish this?

My main motivation is to use this function via my x10 Mouse Remote II. For years, I've used the maX10 software with an original x10 Mouse Remote. And it worked beautifully. I would type in a number on the remote and Winamp would jump to the track. The problem is, maX10 doesn't work with x10's ActiveHome Pro, my new x10 transceiver, and thus my new Mouse Remote II.

I also installed Florian Albrecht's x10remote plug-in for Winamp, which works great. It just doesn't have the jump to track number feature.

I tried to install Winampjumper, which is supposed to do what I am requesting. But got errors trying to run the exe on my XP machine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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has been asked but in that case the user was able to script i believe the open and close action with the software that they were using (with my version of the plugin). i can't think of any other options so you may be looking at a custom implementation for what you're wanting though not sure who'd do that (i just don't have the time to do any coding nowadays)

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