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Winamp MP4 Support

Hey fellow Winamp Users,

first i wanna say, that Winamp is my favorite Media Player
and has in my Opinion the Best Media Library of all Players i know.
Until now, i used VLC Player for Videos. But then i decided, that i want
an all in one integrated solution for Media Entertainment (I love integrating :-) ).
Additionally, i started to use the Podcast Function of Winamp.

Buuuut...then i found out: Winamp doesn't support MP4 Video natively.
I've already read the thread( http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....id=155680#mp4v ) about how to work around with Gabest Splitter etc.

First Thing to say:

Nullsoft Guys, honestly, i love your work, but how useless is Podcast Support, if you doesn't support Mp4 Video ^^?

Second Thing to say:

I tried the work around , but my Problem is:

I can't install Gabest Splitter, since i have Win7 64 Bit, when i use "regsvr32 blablabla.ax",
it tells me that the File is not made for 64 bit Systems, and i cant register it therefore.

Then i tried Haalis Player, which comes in an .exe File. I just installed it.

Then, i changed the Extensions in the Plugins of Winamp ( in_mp4.dll and in_dshow.dll ), as described in the workaround thread.


Winamp starts playing the MP4 Video, but the Sound is very bizarre, sounds like it runs on a much higher frequency and it runs much faster. Video isnt played normally.

My Machine:

Win 7 64 Bit
K-Lite Mega Pack Blabla installed(ffdshow etc. included)

Has anybody a solution for me? That would really help me.

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I have the exact same problem. I've followed all of the posts (changing winamp config, installing ffdshow etc.) Both the sound and video appear but are sped up significantly.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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Winamp Pro has native support for MPEG-4 video (h264, vidx, divx, mp4v, etc) in MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV & NSV containers.

For the free version, there's just the DirectShow workaround

Winamp is a 32-bit app, therefore you need to have the 32-bit MP4Splitter.ax installed & registered, as instructed.

Then install 32-bit ffdshow and make sure it is configured to handle MPEG-4 video and AAC audio.

Make sure MP4 is removed from in_mp4 config and added to in_dshow config instead.

Note: Windows 7 users might also need to install the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool
to get Windows to use ffdshow instead of the default Windows decoders.

And that's it.

If it still doesn't work, then more info is required
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