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plugin does not load


I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio for making a Winamp plugin. There I need the library "taglib" that I've been able to compile to a DLL file on Windows these two files are included in my plugin:
#include <fileref.h>
#include <tag.h>

and the libraries tag.lib and zlib.lib are linked. I can compile the dll perfectly without errors and Winamp loads it. But when I use the first taglib command, like
TagLib::FileRef f(file);

the plugin does not load anymore. By the way, "file" is defined before:
const char* file =(char*)SendMessage(hwndParent,WM_WA_IPC,SendMessage(hwndParent,WM_WA_IPC,0,IPC_GETLISTPOS),IPC_GETPLAYLISTFILE);

The plugin does not appear in Options>Preferences>Plugins>General Purpose anymore. I have to comment the line
TagLib::FileRef f(file);
out and it works again...

Strangely, I have noticed that my plugin is loaded when I put it directly into the Winamp folder and not into the Winamp\Plugins folder...

I hope for some hints

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Okay, finally I've found the solution: tag.dll and zlib1.dll have to be in the Winamp folder and not in Winamp\Plugins. Well, can you change that behaviour? I only tell the Visual Studio linker to use tag.lib and zlib.lib....nothing about the dll files. Is there a linker option for that I couldn't find?
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if you manually load the dlls and do GetProcAddress(..) on the exported functions as needed then you can override that behaviour. however that is sort of how things work with loading of dlls being based upon the winamp.exe location and not the plug-in dll location due to it being part of the winamp.exe process.

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