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What is precomp.exe? Why is it hogging resources?

Windows 10 Pro version 1709 (OS Build 16299.125)
i7-4790k @ 4.6GHz
GTX 770's in sli

Hi there all. First of all thanks to the dev(s) for winamp. Anyways, so I'm having a problem with an .exe file associated with winamp. I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is related to the actual winamp program or just a rouge program/virus in disguise.

The problem I'm having is precomp.exe is starting itself on restart of my PC, and is using a lot of resources. It says only 30% cpu usage when running, yet my PC becomes very slow and choppy. All aspects of the pc are affected by this, including firefox internet browser. I have to go into resource monitor to close it down, as it doesn't appear on the task manager process list. I did a search for the term precomp in explorer and the only associated file was in \AppData\Roaming\Winamp . Anyone have any ideas?
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So apparently precomp is a command line pre-compressor. Not sure what the purpose it serves but that is its intended function. However what I had on my pc was a virus/malware that had disguised itself as precomp.exe. It appears to be a crypto-currency miner.

Here are the results from a Virus Total scan, https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2...dd3c/analysis/

Is this a know problem or am I the first to experience it?
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Only 1 true way to get your computer rid of malware like this reset/reinstall Windows

Where did you download Winamp from?
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I believe I have always gotten winamp following the link from winamp.com which leads you to a forum post on these forums. It was definitely running from winamps directory though in C:\users\user\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\precomp\precomp.exe .

I wish I had of made a copy and put it in a sand boxed system so I could have analyzed it but too late for that. I'm not implying that the virus came from here, so I'm not sure why it choose winamp to use as cover, I guess because it looked like a legitimate process to the average user. If I hadn't of had gpu-z up I wouldn't have a clue it was using 99% of my gpu's.
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