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No stream URL available problem

My radio is self-hosted on a freemium radionomy plan.
Could not manage to make my Authhash work with dnas v2.6.0
I tried to replace the file sc_serv.exe with older versions in shoutcastgui folder and I found that the version is ok with my authhash, my stream is available on shoutcast directory, radionomy directory and works fine.

Thought my problem was solved but some other problem came out.
Maybe this old version of sc_serv brings a compatibility bug in the admin pages of the site :

On rmo.radionomy.com it says my radio is not active though it's up and works on radionomy directory and on
radiomanager.shoutcast.com I have the message :"No stream is configured yet ! You need to set up your stream in the Shoutcast Server and sync it with the Shoutcast's directory before it appears in the radio manager."

Did I do something wrong ? How to solve my authash problem with dnas 2.6.0 ?

Hope to have an answer... Thanks for it.
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I'm also having the same problem. Too bad that I do not get a Shoutcast Support Response and I do not even think about a tutorial on the Internet to help me.
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Check it out identical to Shoutcast... except it WORKS and there is no premium or pay features. And no flipping AuthHash crap that only exists to force pay features on you.

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