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It's 2022. Winamp isn't going away anytime soon (loveletter)

Hi all!

i just wanted to say this out loud:

2) Winamp is here to stay. Here's why:

- Winamp 5.66 (x86) Lite version (with classic skin) - best for Windows 10. Supports wav, mp3, flac, m4a
- Winamp 2.91 (x86) - best for Windows 7. With flac & m4a plugin it plays all major audio formats.
- Winamp sounds better than VLC - the default eq has just right amount of bass, unlike the tinny sounding VLC
- Winamp is snappy. VLC needs to get it's s--t together before playing a song, it's thinking something
- Winamp remembers your playlist unlike VLC
- Winamp looks stylish, unlike VLC
- Winamp doesn't crash EVER, unlike the forever pathetic Windows Media Player and it's illegitimate son Windows Media Center
- Winamp is able to play files, unlike Windows Media Player (keeps looking for it's solutions online, still comes up empty-handed)
- Winamp is sexy (unlike VLC)! Just look at it:

- Winamp still WHIPS the llamas ass

The day Winamp leaves is the day i go Mac.

Have a great day eveyone
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