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winamp always plays the last song first?

When I select a group of songs from a folder and select "play in winamp" - winamp ALWAYS starts playing the last song first and then the first song second, etc. (In the folder the song order will be 1,2,3,4 and then after sending them to winamp the song order will be 4,1,2,3.) I don't have the player on shuffle. Anyone know how I can get the song order to play numerically? thanks
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This is a Windows thing from what I know of it.

It uses some sort of fsfirst/fsnext type of arrangement that takes the last file clicked on and prepares a file list of the rest. A bit like loading a gun with a full magazine and one up the spout.

When they are processed it's the last file clicked on(the one up the spout) that gets played first.

So, when you select multiple files, make sure that the right click > Play in Winamp is performed on the first file in the list, not the last.

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