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Changing the key of a song (for karaoke purposes)...

Before I get to the point I'm shocked (in a good way) that my account's still in the database! I registered YEARS ago but not long after I lost my internet access (slippery bugger ), so didn't get to use it much.

Anyway, I was wondering if there was a plug-in specifically geared towards changing the key of the music in MP3+G tracks? A friend of mine is a karaoke presenter, she's been doing it for years (nearly 10) working for herself and using her own system/discs, but now she'd like to go hi-tech and use a laptop instead. She wanted to use WinAmp so that I could help her get started (she's not too good with computers) but there's not a night that goes by where she doesn't change the key/tone of the music for someone.

I've just downloaded Pacemaker, which claims to change the "pitch" so I'll try it 2moro on my own PC. But in case it's not what she needs are there any others that are reliable?

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That's not a good sign... no replies? Hmm...

Anyway, PaceMaker gives an error message (which causes WA to shut down) regularly when changing the pitch during a playing (and also if you change the pitch BEFORE playing the track). This is the message Dr. Watson gave:

GEN_FF.DLL attempted to read from memory that does not exist. It may be using an uninitialized variable, or it may be attempting to access memory after having freed it.

Module Name: GEN_FF.DLL

Application Name: Winamp.exe
Description: Winamp
Version: 5.09
Product: Winamp
Manufacturer: Nullsoft
Is there a way to prevent this from happening (as it seems there's no other plug-in like it)?
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Probably the reason why no one replied, is because you were already trying out the most recommended tempo/pitch/key plug-in.

Anyways, your friend or you has an older version of Winamp only current versions of Winamp receive support at Winamp Forums. The current public version as of this reply is 5.24. There maybe a conflict with older versions of Winamp and Pacemaker. Either update Winamp (recommended) or try a older version of PaceMaker. Also, third party plug-ins are not supported here, so please contact the author/developer of the plug-in if you continue to have troubles with it.

There are other plug-ins. Try doing a plug-in search with pitch, tempo and/or speed as keyword(s). Look in the upper right corner of the plug-ins page for the search box.

BTW As a FYI, Winamp 5.25 beta is available. However, you may want to stick with 5.24 to avoid any possible or unknown conflicts with the PaceMaker plug-in.

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