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sc_nsv > sc_serv < red5 rtmp > jwplayer flash h264 problems!!

Hey guys hope you understand the title..

Here ive been working on the nsv and flash thread;

Shoutcast server: http://dholaholic.com:6750/
Video Stream URL: http://dholaholic.com:6750/;stream.nsv
Red5 Server: http://dholaholic.com:5080/
Shoutcast webapp placeholder: http://dholaholic.com:5080/shoutcast/
stream_2 objectname: live2

JW Player: http://www.dholaholic.com/tv/
streamer url: rtmp://dholaholic.com/shoutcast
file: live2
linktarget: live2

Basically ive setup shoutcast server and sc_nsv to stream .nsv files from /tv/ folder where jwplayer is within the playlist.plo (of sc_nsv)
The only entry in playlist.plo is located here;

I encoded the nsv file from .avi to nsv with nsvtools nsvate. I have all the ffdshow and x264ffd and x264ffdx64 drivers and codecs in the correct folders and places..

i used aacp+h264 during encoding (in vfw selected H264 instead of h264 or X264 under FORCC).

PROBLEM: Through jw player no video loading nor sound..
Through winamp using ;stream.nsv it operates absolutely perfect!

Thing is i have had jw player working on this same setup...the only variables that changed was x264 encoding of the .nsv... I somehow have fucked it..

i had 4 videos in playlist.plo encoded again with nsvate and that time they WORKED in jw player except sound and video were not in sync and video was not visible it was majorly blotchy and only the upper half could be seen. At this point the SAME outcome was received in winamp.

After deleting those files and editing the playlist.plo and restarting services for one file trailer.nsv which i reencoded again this time following adjustments in nsvates x264 config profile settings and now i have a huge config box instead of the tiny one before (maybe because my x264 drivers updated?) anyway the trailer is broken in jw player which you can try if you go to the link and in winamp it is crystal clear as expected and as encoded...

I feel my set up is fine...it is something to do with encoding..can anyone help?!

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fwiw,i've renamed trailer.nsv to trailer1.nsv and encoded the same avi again this time with VP61+aacp.

After a red5 shutdown and start i now get AUDIO but no video!...
so in /tv/ theres two files but only <b>one on the playlist... trailer.nsv</b> (encoded with vp61) and trailer1.nsv (encoded with h264)

So for those interested in helping i need h264+aacp encoded nsv.
It has to be related to my files. Can anyone post tried and tested version numbers?

I have tried so many ffdshows and x263fw's the only one that came close was when i had them 4 videos with good sound and blurry picture using h264+aacp..

At that time the x264/VfW configuration screen was a much narrower screen with less options per tab.
When i go there now under nsvtools profiles the configuration window is updated and has an FFMPEG logo aswell as the x264 logo...

Which version was that and how do i get that back and should i be performing system restarts everytime i install a new x264 or ffdshow?

fwiw my winamp plays back h264 and always has done but it crashes when you stop videos in .nsv container.. I dont care about decoding it..not locally anyway, its moreso getting it to work on my jw player as i know it works through winamp ;stream.nsv or ;file.nsv.

vp61+aacp .nsv = loading in flash sound no video - fine in winamp
h264+aacp .nsv (new encoder codecs) = not loading in flash at all but fine in winamp.
h264+aacp .nsv (older x264 [now lost] codecs) = loading in flash half blurry video and sound! - same would happen in winamp though.

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I've solved all my woes and have managed to reproduce a shout stream as it was supposed to be !

Example of a working and active deployment: phatbeats.net (click garage).

My working sample deployment: dholaholic.com/tv/

Notice both unique deployments are running JW Player (im using the latest one).

Firstly i had to uninstall ffdshow ffdshow64 x264vfw and all other things that would show in uninstall programs (im on Win 7).

I then started out like this:
1. I installed latest default ffdshow from sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/
2. I installed the DTS_x264_ffds.exe. (encoder/decoder for ffdshow)
3. i copied the x264vfw.dll file extracted from f:/windows/syswow32 to the nsvtools folder.
4. i downloaded the runtime X264.EXE file and also placed in nsvtoosl dir.
5. i used default settings within nsvate to encode my nsv's

and i have success, audio and video working and currently testing for timing and av sync issue but it looks stable and promising!

x264 plugin received from the dts file version dated Mar 19 2008 r763bm.

I am pleased im able to encode nsv containers with H.264+AAC+ codecs with ffdshow/x264fvw.

I think my problem was i had many different x264 dll's from various builds of various dates and differing one in the nvs tool and differing syswow32 and system32... dont ask ! but now there is only ONE dll in syswow32 and the same one in nsvtools.

i noticed the latest bugmaster x264vfw doesnt work with nsv.. He claimed a fix in a old thread for a then newer build of it down at the sourceforge but now old build (v9) but sadly this doesnt work either.
Dont get me wrong it works and all i dont get these errors you guys get...i just get success and complete and no playback in flash but playback in winamp over red5/shoutc....

Sooo to sum up... keep away from new builds of old products because old goods we're built to last...if i experience any difficulties or more problems i will post up (and entertain myself) however i have a final question for you guys in closing... Is it worth reproducing my steps and trying to work around/with the newer versions? poss for better enc? or shall i stick to what is currently working?

Thing is once i've finalised this framework for the jw player,i will have to teach a few people how to encode with the nsvate tool so that they can seemlessly add to sc_nsv's playlist.plo in order to broadcast over red5 rtmp....

If encoding nsv with h264+aacp is spontaneuous on which systems to work 'out the box' then i HOPE that the FINAL peice of the winamp/shoutcast/flash progeny is Smelt's soon to be released tool...if you make it good for me il make it good for ya! think commercial broadcasts and youl already know what features to keep in and out

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Excellent, my friend. Great information.

WIn7... Not a lot of independent devs like me have the latest tools. I'll be looking at a win7 dev machine soon I hope with the new visual c++. Then, I'll probably cry myself over the broken apps.
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