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the basic Nullsoft fullscreen visualizations

AVS is too fancy-pants for me, plus my computer is too slow to run it effectively. I just want a nice colorful basic, and BIG, spectrum analyzer, with a reasonable bit of control options. Like being able to select a stereo/mono spectrum, the amplitude of it, the frequency range displayed, etc. Kind of like cubic player I guess, except better, since I also want it to fill up the whole screen and have adjustable colors.

I've currently only got 2 visualizations installed to my Winamp...the basic Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen, and the old version Nullsoft Visualization Library. They do the closest to what I want, but not everything. The Tiny Fullscreen seems to just do a mono spectrum analysis, and doesn't have an option to fill the screen. The old Visualization Library doesn't go to higher resolutions, and doesn't have the nice peak dropping dots. And neither has all the control options I wanted to manipulate the spectrum.

Are there any other visualizations available for Winamp that do what I want? I don't want a bloated 3D-bonanza thing like AVS because my computer is too slow. Maybe the basic visualizations I've already got installed CAN do what I want, but I just don't know how? Any help is welcome. I'm sure there must be other people out there who want the same thing I do.
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So...why are you posting this in the AVS forum again? If it's about you not liking AVS, and wanting to use something else...what makes you think we'd help you? Furthermore...if you're that desperate for some good signal analysis, and smart enough to know how to use it (at least, I assume that's why you want it, cos there's no other reason I can think of), then you're probably smart enough to check out the WA SDK and program it yourself.

(btw i suggest voiceprints, they're much easier to work with imo - nullsoft tiny fullscreen does that for you (sexy scrolling voiceprint))

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Re: the basic Nullsoft fullscreen visualizations

Originally posted by Porcupine
I just want a nice colorful basic, and BIG, spectrum analyzer
Set the visualization to spectrum analyzer in the main window and turn on double size mode and there you go! (see attachment)

Or you could get one of those components that replaces the winamp equalizer with an osc or sprectrum analyzer. They're kind of cool. Kind of.
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Or you just take some Minutes of your time and search for a plugin that fits your needs.

If you have 5 more minutes left, then maybe have a closer look onto avs. It aint any 3D bloatet bonanza thingie and would do fine if you were willing learn how to code a Superscope!

Just search the Forums, there are plenty of explentations.

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Search google or so for "Tripex 3". It's a very nice plugin to have, (if your computer can pull it off). It has some avs like presets in it, but also some other, very neat looking ones.

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Well Atero, it is because there is no other forum to post this in. All the other visualization forums in the end become subforums for a particular visualization plugin. So I might as well post in AVS eh?

I hate voiceprints, and I just happen to like watching spectrum analyzers as they are. I don't see what is the fuss with all the 3D fancy-pants stuff that is in all the other plugins. They look nice for a while, but if I can't really see immediately how they relate to what I'm hearing, I don't see the point in the long run. Plus my computer is too slow, like I said before. I don't see any harm in asking if something that I want exists.

Pixelcraft that's not big enough! ;D I want fullscreen spectrum that also fills the full screen. A lot like what the old Nullsoft Visualization Library from long ago did.

Magic.X I did spend a lot of time checking out AVS. But it's way too slow on my computer and it didn't do everything I wanted. I did realize it is VERY configurable and manipulable, but mostly in bloated ways relating to 3D effects that I don't care about. Also, since it is bloated, it runs inefficiently as a plain spectrum analyzer. For example I turned off all AVS effects and just activated a plain flat small 2D one-channel spectrum analyzer...and the fps I get is 3x slower than what Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen gives, for the exact same thing. That's bloated slowness. :P I only have a Pentium Pro 200 (my music box) that I'm running this on.

Deamon, hmm thanks for the suggestion. But Tripex looks too 3D and bloated for me to run. AVS was already too slow on my computer.
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download NVS then. I still have it on my comp (get an old version at www.oldversions dot com, install it, then re-install 2.91)

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