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multicast streaming that will sync audio/video to multiple LAN zones


It seems WinAMP has all the right hooks and features and it appears that others have written some plugins (though they are riddled with problems), but it would be nice if I could have WinAMP stream once source of audio/video to multiple zones throughout my home and have all zones sync.

WinAMP Remote doesn't quite meet the needs as I can't sync the same song, or Shoutcast Radio/TV, throughout the other rooms.

The feature sets would be 'enable mutlicast server' on one machine, and 'enable multicast client' on the zone machines. And then connect the clients to the server audio/video stream but also allow some sort of buffering to allow all zones to be sync'd. Each client can tie into an existing stream (mp3 folder) or start its own stream (Shoutcast Radio) - and each client can browse the servers a/v sources and initiate them remotely.

I know this isn't just something that you throw together but the reality is that there aren't any other software solutions out there. Everything else is a hardware solution that costs over $1500 for just 3 rooms.

Another option or solution, which might be way easier to implement would be to allow a multicast server application such as VideoLAN (VLC) capture WinAMPs streams and forward them to other VLC clients on the other computers. Shoutcast Radio and TV would be the important ones...or custom playlists...as VLC has its own file playing capability.

OOORRR am I trying to reinvent the wheel and all this stuff already exists but I just can't seem to find out how/where to do it?

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