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Syncing does not work.

I have been using Winamp for years. It has met my needs very well...until now. On 4-27-09, I purchased Winamp Pro. What I want to do is create playlists on my Sony Walkman MP3 player.

1.- I have 300 songs in "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Music."
2.- All songs are named "Artist - Title.mp3" (i.e. - Billy Joel - Allentown.mp3)

(Originally, they were numbered but I had to delete the numbers in case that was what was causing my problems.
"218--Billy Joel - Allentown.mp3")

3.- I have created 8 different playlists ranging in size from 300 songs to 15 songs.
4.- I want to use those playlists on my MP3 player.
5.- I created those playlists by drag N dropping songs onto the Winamp Playlist Editor. When I have songs in the order I want, I simply save the playlist to a desktop directory. Works perfect!!!!!
6.- To play one of the playlists in Winamp, I simply 2click on the appropriate icon in the desktop directory. Once again, works perfect.
7.- I very, very, very seldom (almost never) use the Media Library. (Way too BIG!!!)

(NOTE: When I want to modify a playlist - an *.m3u file - I can EITHER load the playlist into Winamp Playlist Editor, OR I can load the .m3u file into this text editor and cut N paste entries. Either way works fine.)

8.- On my Sony Walkman (NWZ-S545) there is a directory called "Storage Media\MUSIC." (This directory is shown in Windows File Manager when the MP3 player is connected via USB.)
9.- I have the EXACT same 300 songs in that directory.
10.- I would like to be able to use the same playlists but the Walkman only recognizes *.pla playlists which cannot be editted with a text editor.

At this point, I need to use Winamp to create those playlists. Here are the steps I have followed:

1- Added the 300 songs in "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Music." to the "Local Media" library.
2- The "Local Media" tree now has an item called My Music, which when clicked on, shows the 300 songs in the "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Music" directory.
3- Right click "Playlists" in the Media Library, then select "Import Playlist From File." Added my *.m3u files and they worked perfectly in the Media Library, on my PC.
4- Created a duplicate of one playlist but saved it as a *.PLS. Thought I would try that format and see if it worked better....didn't.
5- Right click a playlist and "SEND TO:" "WALKMAN."
6- !@#$%^&*(!@#$%^&*(
7- $%^&*(!@#$%^&*(#$%
8- Now instead of 300 songs on my Walkman, I have SIX HUNDRED (600!!!!) songs!!!!!! AND 180 DIRECTORIES WHICH EACH HAVE A SUB-DIRECTORY (called "My Music")!!!!!! The songs are in those directories are all renamed!!!! for instance, instead of "Billy Joel - Allentown.mp3" I have a song called " -1 - Allentown.mp3."

Why can't it be simple???? Why does it have to create directories and sub-directories and rename files??? Of course I cannot delete the CORRECTLY named files from my Walkman in case my wife wants to copy them.

One more minor item.....the !@#$%^&*(*&^%$@!@!#@$^&%^*#$%@$ playlist on the Walkman does NOT WORK. It says there are NO SONGS!!!!!!

What is going on?????????
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Since you are not happy with WA's default operation, you need to read the official help documentation and the preferences guide to learn how to change things. Do you really expect a free app to automatically provide separate setup instructions for dozens of different portable devices? If you do, then WA is not the app for you.

After you connect your device a lot of options become available via the General Preferences window. These options allow you to 'tell' WA how you want it to respond to your device. Some users like the level of control this gives them. Others hate having to put forth the effort and learn to live with some of the defaults or use another app for loading their portables.


And a thought, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". Just saying ____ calm down, give you blood pressure a break, you'll live longer.

Personally, I don't bother with any of it. I name my properly tagged songs the way you do (artist - title.mp3) and use Windows explorer to drag & drop copies of them to one music folder on my portable player and let the player create it's own playlists (using info in the songs' tags).

I also don't bother with the artist-album structure on my computer hard drive. I use separate sub-folders for each letter of the alphabet and store songs according to the first letter of the artist names. The key to this working for me is having all the tags I care about (artist, title, album, genre, year, etc) properly filled out in each song and disabling the WA features that try to tag songs for you. MP3Tag is one of many free apps that are good at tagging songs. The WA media library is then able to sort my songs, or let me search for songs, any way I would like using info from the tags.

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