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Shoutcast + Crossfader?

I am looking for a decent crossfader plugin that i can use together with Shoutcast to actually CROSSFADE MY SONGS live and not just locally. With most of the plugins i have tested the people that are listening only hear me searching in the song while what i am really doing is smoothly crossfading between songs.

Basically, what i am looking for is a robust and simple crossfadeplugin which enables me to do what i mentioned above but in a proper way (not just clientbased).

Im really sorry if my post doesent make alot of sense, my english is not very good.. at least not the writing-part
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From the DSP readme:

The most often requested feature. To use this feature, you'll need the Nullsoft crossfading output plug-in
installed on your computer (installed as part of this package), and you'll need to use Soundcard Input mode.
To activate the crossfading output, go to the Winamp preferences, Output Plug-ins section and select the
Crossfading Output plugin from the list on the right. You can configure the fade time by clicking

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Will this crossfade plugin let me crossfade live?
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Yes, if you're using WinAmp.

-- Michael
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hep me!

still trying to crossfade.
i have the following selected:

Nullsoft Crossfading Output v.0.95 (x86) (experimental) (OUT_XF.DLL)

is that the right one?
i dont see the Input selection you mentioned.
and it doesnt seem to be creating the crossfading effect in the streaming audio im looking for.

also, there is no button on the main panel for the crossfadign option. should there be? i have the latest version, and have tried the classic and modern skins.

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Yeah... I did all that and it just plays longer at a normal volume and then stops and goes into the next song at full volume. No deal... and I doing something wrong?

Using Winamp, SHOUTcast DSP, SHOUTcast server... and set to soundcard. It works on the PC, but not over stream.
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