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ID3 tag support in WA3

Two questions:
1 Does anyone know if there is talk of adding support for album art within a ID3 tag. I looked for plugins for WA2 that did this but none worked as I wanted and hoped WA3 would. So I found that MMJB could but MMJB does not compare to WA3. I went thru the trouble of collecting and adding the art to all of my mp3s (about 20gb worth) and winamp doesn't support it (which is my main player). I wondered if anyone knew of plans to support this or of a plugin which could? This leads me to my 2nd question...
2 Are there diffences in ID3 tags? Like I said I went thru and tagged all of my songs but sometimes WA reads one of them different - for example

1. Beatles - 01 - Back In The USSR
2. Disc 1 - 02 - Dear Prudence
3. Disc 1 - 03 - Glass Onion
4. Disc 1 - 04 - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Whereas, the first should read "Disc 1 - 01 - Back In The USSR". Are they dependant on the program that wrote them???

Thanks for any help. WINAMP FOREVER
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1. Since wa2 had ID3v1 and v2 support I figured wa3 would, too.
2. Anybody who has read a thread or two KNOWS THAT WINAMP IS A BETA and it is not complete. It seems in every topic someone feels the urge to mention this fact. Must be people just really, really want to participate in the forums but don't dare start a thread and be bitched out so they bitch other people out (just my Freudian philosophy). Do people wish nobody asked questions and the discussion was idle rather than have someone ask a question multiple times. Why not ignore the question if it has been addressed previously?
3. Patients - I have (and continue)not minded waiting for wa3 since what April '99 - I forget? or was it '00---
4. Sarcasm aside - It would be great to give up MMJB altogether if someone knows how ID3 taggin works and could write a component or let me know...

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full spec at http://www.id3.org
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