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Windows 7 - Modern Skin Failure

Two days ago I installed a copy of Windows 7 on my new Hard disk. I also installed Winamp, just like I used to have on my old operating system. Everything worked fine, including custom "modern" skins.. (I have no plug ins installed whatsoever, just plain Winamp with some extra skins)..
This morning I tried to work around the UAC warnings, because I wanted Winamp to auto start when I log in to Windows.
I tried to run the program as administrator, I set every user to run this program as an administrator and I unchecked the "read only" box of the Winamp folder in C:\Program Files\

After I just couldn't get it to work, I left it for what it was and I tried to start up my Winamp again.. This time I got an error message:
"Script Failure. Press left mouse button to continue. Guru Meditation #001C.003803C7.3 Null object called ../Big Bento/scripts/mainmenu.maki"

I tried to restart Winamp, reinstall, full uninstall and then reinstall.. All without success..
I tried to reinstall with different settings, having a minimal installation or a full installation.. No success..
I tried to look up the problem at the internet (and meanwhile discovered the normal skin plays normally, the error is just with "modern" skins).. I found out that more people had this error but could solve it by deleting "studio.xnf" or by changing paths in "Paths.ini".. You guess: both no success..

For all I know is that this is a problem with modern skins.. Winamp runs normally when I delete all "modern" skins in the Winamp/Skins folder and when it opens the "basic" Winamp skin.
I must have done something to cause this problem, probably in the process to stop this UAC window to pop-up every time.

Next to my normal programs (like Adobe Reader, Firefox, Microsoft Office, Trend Micro Internet Security Pro etc.) I have two less common programs installed and running: Rainmeter and Rainlendar 2..

Mobo: ASUS P5B-V, using the on-board HD soundcard
CPU: Intel Pentium D (Dual Core): 3,4 Ghz
Memory: Corsair RAM: 3 GB
GPU: NVidia GeForce 7300 GT
HDD: 2x Western Digital S-ATA disks (200 [System] & 500 [Data] GB)

Running on: Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit)

Hope someone can help me.. Thank you in advance (and thank you for your time reading this)..
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I see I forgot to mention which version of Winamp I use. It's the latest "winamp5571_pro_all"..
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Thread can be closed, I found the problem 5 minutes after my last post.

I forgot that indeed, I made a change that I didn't role back. It was the compatibility mode: I changed it to Windows XP SP2.. Probably read somewhere that it could fix the UAC pop-up.. I set the compatibility mode to normal again and it runs fine now, no problems at all with my Winamp Pro..

Sorry for taking your time! Thank you again for reading!
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Hi please dont close ! Got the same problem.
All I can say first is that the modern skin just works sometime... it fails often with that message:
screenshot: http://666kb.com/i/bg5yylgfy5gl2rdj4.gif

WTF is the problem!? All i can use is the classic skin now. THAT works! But the Modern skin...failed.
I dont know what to do.
I reinstalled Winamp around 14 times now. And installed it to a nother direction. I get some more errors from .. like the first one. And others..."cant load this shit - Okey - Fock you - leave me alone/Cancel" blah blah! lol sorry I'm so damned mad about this bcuz I LOVE so much!

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You should try this

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