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Lightbulb My personal Wishlist


i really like Winamp3 it would be nice if some things more are implemented:


An options dialog which lets you decide wether you it should crossfade between songs which are played in the order of the playlist (song 23 then song 24) or when you switch to another song or if move for eaxample 1 minute forward in a song. Why i need this? I mainly hear techno music which is already mixed together and if crossfading is on these mixed songs are overlapping and I can hear the different beats of both songs which should be the same. If played normal (without crossfading) there is a smooth transition which is already mixed by the dj.


I have many playlists some also use Network files. Winamp uses always the Network list but I don't have always a network connection so winamp is just running the complete list of songs. So I would use my local-playlist as default.

Improve Search:

Include file names in the search dialog. Why? Because many files of mine do not have an idv3 Tag.

Opacity Settings:

Use alpha blending for all winamp windows not only main the window.
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