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Shoutcast 2 and Linden Scripting Language

Hello everyone,

I have some questions , i have looked but do not see the answers. In Second Life we
used to look for the 7.html file by doing a http request to get the current track.

Now in version 2 we get the track from the /currentsong?sid=1 command.

1.)There seems no reliable way to tell version 1 from V2 servers. From inside SL it appears
that you have to assume v1, wait for a http resp error code and then try for a version 2 server. This seems really "awkward" and no we cannot read the index.html file and look for
a version1 2 <h> tag.

2.)How an earth do you know which Sid's are active. You seem unable to get the active sid's in any list. so you have to assume its always "1".

Sorry if i have missed the "bleedin obvious"
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/7.html is meant to return a 410 response but the current public build doesn't properly honour that (fixed internally). the replacement of /7.html is the /stats option as detailed in http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas...2_XML_Reponses

with the second part of your post, with the public build it's not as simple as it should be to work out the available sid. we've got this changed so in the next release (no eta) that accessing /statistics (as long as it's not been disabled on the DNAS side) will return the /stats options for all active streams at the time of the request.

otherwise, you either have to explicitly check which streams are active and code in checking for them specifically or try and scrape the page, etc (which is never going to be good).

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