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mirror setup help


I have a shoutcast stream up and running looping a playlist and that is working great.

I'd like to schedule the stream to switch to mirror another station once a week for several hours. This is the stream I'd like to mirror: http://www.gcnlive.com/playlists/live/channel1.m3u

If I understand correctly, if an event in the calendar.xml doesn't have start/stop/duration info then it should just play. I'm assuming it should also override the playlist, but that's not happening, my stream is just playing the playlist.

Below I'm pasting the calendar and sc_trans files (with some data hidden) so that hopefully someone can point out what's wrong with my setup as with the current configuration, Thanx!

This is the calendar.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="relay">
<relay url="http://www.gcnlive.com/playlists/live/channel1.m3u/" priority="1"/>

This is the sc_trans:
; NOTE: for any relative paths specified are relative to
; sc_trans and not to where the conf file is being stored

; we use this to use certain configuration options from the
; server file (assuming it is already configured correctly)
; instead of having to re-enter the details again in here

; here we will setup where the log and other related files
; will be stored. make sure that these folders exist else
; sc_trans will throw an error and will close itself down.

; for testing we will only setup a single encoder though it
; is easy to add in additional encoder configurations and
; we are using an aac plus encoder as the default due to
; the licensing requirements for mp3 encoding as detailed
; in sc_trans.txt - section 2.5).

; here you would provide any information to fill in details
; provided to clients about the stream. it us upto you what
; is entered though do not do anything which will annoy, etc

; this is needed otherwise sc_trans will not allow DJ joins
; to be allowed to connect to the sc_trans instance.

; here we specify a playlist to use as the master list from
; which to play files from.

; these options will allow you access the admin interfaces
; of sc_trans though also allows the 'testui' example to be
; accessed. remember to change the password, etc as needed

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a) try setting the priority higher than 1 - not sure what trans does with two things at the same priority
b) try setting a start time etc, otherwise, how the hell does sc_trans know when to switch from playlist to relay - you said you want to SCHEDULE it

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it's a bug in sc_trans which i only started to fix a few weeks back (but haven't completed). the best workaround i've got is to set a start time a few seconds after sc_trans has started or provide a silent mp3 file in the main playlist which is only a few seconds long.

the priority is not an issue in this case since the relay event is higher than the main playlist (which is effectively at the bottom of the priority list no matter what else is configured), just it fails to transition properly due to there being some bugs in the handling of events when starting at 00:00:00.

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Is it possible to mirror a station on a schedule?

I can't get it to work, so I'm hoping someone can say if its even possible.

Right now the stream I have setup is a simple looping playlist.

I created a relay event in calendar.xml and linked that file in the sc_trans file.

Its not working so I'm wondering if I'm on the right track and its just a syntax problem or if its not possible.

PS. This is the station I want to mirror for a couple hours a week:

Thanks in advance!
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please check original threads you make before making a new one about the same issue.

i've merged the new post into your original thread as i have already given the reason for the issue and the best workaround which is available to get it working.

if it doesn't then until i can properly finish off a newer sc_trans release, this is what can happen when using beta software for production usage i.e. there can be issues.

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Ok. Edited calendar.xml to this at 11:15AM PST and restarted the services, but still not mirroring, just keeps playing playlist.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="relay">
<calendar starttime="11:17:00" duration="01:00:00" />
<relay url="http://www.gcnlive.com/playlists/live/channel1.m3u/" priority="2"/>

Also, when I commented out the playlistfile=c:\SHOUTcast\hidden line the stream died (after restarting services of couse).

At this point I'm just trying to test for getting the mirror running, period, any way I can to see if its even going to be possible. I haven't talked to the other station admin to see if they need to add my server to an allow list or have blocked access for mirrors, so I'm really just trial and erroring this (with lots of errors apparently).

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Sorry for the bump, just eager for a response. Can anyone help me out with testing if they can get this webstream to mirror on their server? At least that would help me determine if its a problem with mirroring that address, or with my setup. Here's the address I want to mirror: http://www.gcnlive.com/playlists/live/channel1.m3u
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everything you are describing are known bugs with sc_trans and i had already said previously, just i should have emphasised that my work-around only occasionally works for some people.

1) not having a main playlist will cause the stream to fail.

2) only having a relay event will cause the stream to fail.

3) anything else which is buggy / incomplete will cause the stream to fail.

4) it's beta software so anything can cause the stream to fail.

i have partially fixed these issues but i need to do some more work before either an updated sc_trans is released or i contact you directly with a test build to try out (which is not guaranteed to happen or happen soon).

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