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3GP tags

Hi guys, this is a feature request that I think hasn't been requested before and that could be pretty useful; basically I'd like to ask if it's possible to implement 3GP tagging for MP4 files; 3GP tags (I think that the specifications call them "assets") are somehow limited in number (title, author, performer, genre, description, copyright, album, track number, year, rating, classification, and other not related tag like keyword and geographical position) but they can be used to put basically all the more important tags and they are required with various hardware players that can't read ITunes style tags like mobile phones and the Playstation 3 (I don't know if you knew it but the when the PS3 rip in AAC it actually make a 3GP file and it uses 3gp style assets/tags and it can't read, at least until the last FW revision, ITunes style tags, this is weird because the PSP can read them).

What I'm asking it's not for a new codec output but simply adding 3gp style tags with the normal MP4 AAC output so that both ITunes and 3GP compliant players will show tags (and hopefully "all" players won't have problems parsing one or the other, of course an option to disable either the ITunes or 3GP tags could be useful in case such an event could arouse with some player).

If you need the specifications of the 3GPP style tags you can find it here.
AtomicParsley is a command-line utility that can set these tags but be aware that it's kinda a picky utility and it will set them only if the ftyp box is setted to 3gp5 or 3gp6 (actually hardware players will hardly look at these things), you could change it with MP4Box running -brand 3gp6 but be aware that you should set the extension to something neutral (I use .iso) coz extensions like .m4a or will set automatically the ftyp to "M4A ".
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