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Metadata Retrieval

Hi All,

Apologies for the super basic questions, but this space is completely new to me. I'm working with a client who wants to incorporate a radio stream onto their website and mobile application.

The client is using Station Playlist and sending that out to Shoutcast. I have access to the clients SHOUTcast Streaming Service Radio Manager dashboard where I can see the station details. I can also listen to the station live via the Shoutcast public URL and free HTML5 player provided as well.

My questions are more in-line with metadata and how to retrieve that information. We are looking to grab song title, artist and cover art. I noticed in the documentation that the data can be pulled from XML outputs. I tested /admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=1&sid=1 and successfully saw the station metadata after entering admin and the password for the account. However, when I do this for any other URL, for example /admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=5 this does not work and the information cannot be accessed. I saw in the docs it states use the path http://<serverip>:<port>, for this I am using master.shoutcast.com and port 8000. Is this the incorrect information to be using? Is there a different IP and port that should be called?

I feel there may be steps that are being completed missed here, and any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out the shoutcast api documentation im certain that will help you out.
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I have a similar question. How do I get the EXTENDED SPECIFICATION DETAILS as noted on http://wiki.shoutcast.com/wiki/SHOUT...cation_Details

When I put into a browser, the server returns some basic info in XML format. So, ok, this s good.

But how do I get the server to return the EXTENDED SPECIFICATION DETAILS?

And how do I configure what the server will return? The XML specification says:

The extended section goes instead the <metadata/> block and is formatted as follows:

<!-- Title of the currently playing media -->
<title seq="1">Artist - Title</title>
<title seq="2">The Next Artist - The Next Title</title>
<!-- Titles go upto the maximum number of titles the source knows off -->
<title seq="XX">The Last Artist - The Last Title</title>

<!-- Title of the next item to be played -->
<soon>The Next Artist - The Next Title</soon>

I see "The extended section goes instead the <metadata/> block" - What? WHERE? Where is this <metadata/> block? WHERE do I edit this so I can put the HTML that is given by the XML documentation? Is there some HTML on my stream server somewhere I can't find? I don't see anything on the stream server where I could edit/configure that. What am I missing here?

And is there some documentation on the admin.cgi ?
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