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Overlay Mode Nightmare

I cant get the "Overlay Mode for AVS' thingy" to work !!

I have:

*reinstalled Winamp
*uninstalled Winamp then installed it from scratch
*enabled and disabled Active Desktop
*tried the "Set desktop to color"
*tried a wide range of avs'
*installed and reinstalled DirectX 8.1
*reinstalled the asus drivers (latest)
*removed the Asus drivers and tried the Nvidia ones instead (latest version)

I had it working "a while back" (few months and pre 2.78c perhaps ?) but now I simply cant get it to work

The system I'm trying to get this working on is this:
Windows 2000 Pro
Winamp v.2.78c
Asus V3800 (AGP)
PIII 600mhz
Asus P2B
3*128 RAM

Other Details:
*The "Alpha Blending" (on same settings screen) works nicely.

*I've not tried to go back in Winamp versions (pre 2.78c) since I doubt this is the cause of this and it should be workin on this version...right ?

*I do know how it *should* work, ctrl+p->Plug-ins->Visualization->Advanced Visualization Studio v2.5->Start->Dbl.click "avs-window"->Settings->Display->check the "Overlay mode"

*As mentioned above I've also tried to check the "Set desktop to color" thingy...and I recall from "a few months back" that when I did this the desktop color would actually change to whatever color that was "selected" in the Settings->Display but now when I do this *nothing* happens..not even a small tiny itsy bitsy blink...

*I have no other problems with my gfx-card

*I've even tried to go: right.click desktop->Properties->Appearance tab->Item: Desktop->Color (manually selected black)..then went to the avs-Settings->Display and manually selected black there (which I also remember working "a few months back")

Well..there u have it...plz dont tell me I havent tried to fix it b4 come buggin you guys with this

Now help me !!!!!!

......please ??
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