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Unhappy Winamp Pro stops after 5 sec when crossfade enable.

Hi Winamp Forum.

I have had Winamp Pro for a while now, and it almost works perfectly.

But when I'm using the crossfade function in the equalizer, the music sometimes stops at excact 5 sec, when it changes to the next track in the playlist. To get the music playing again, a restart of the app is needed.

It's running on a Samsung Galaxy S2, with gingerbread 2.3.

Have anyone else experinced this before?

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same here

Hi... so here it goes

Toshiba Thrive Tablet AT-100
Android version 3.1
Winamp 1.2.12.

I've been using the free version for a couple of weeks, and everything was fine... I was honestly more than pleased with the product....

BUT.... last night I opted for the PRO-version to get the Crossfade feature, because I will use my tablet to "deejay" in a wedding. That's when I started to have trouble :

1- some files do not crossfade. I don't know why, but since it's always the same 2-3 files in my library, it becomes predictable, so I can control it. but gotta admit, it would be better if fixed.

2- WORST. sometimes (actually, at any time, irregularly), a track will freeze after 8-10 seconds of playing time, and nothing can get the winamp app to work. I shut down the app and re-open it... nothing. I change the music track. nothing. I got to litterally shut down the tablet and re-boot it to get WinAmp back to work. That sucks reaaaaally bad, at home, so imagine how bad it would suck in the middle of a wedding party.


EDIT: if crossfade is not enabled on PRO version, it plays well, just like free version used to.... but what's the point of selling a pro version if the main feature screws up everything. also, I noted that when a track freezes, it freezes at exactly the same time that the crossfade is set (is you chose "crossfade = 5secs", track freezes after 5 seconds.... if you choose crossfade=10secs, it freezes after 10.... and so on).
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I have the same problem as Pharmapete. I'm running my phone on andoid 2.3.5, I have purchased winamp pro for android only for crossfade option, but it doesn't work, i enabled crossfade, set it on 10 sec, but the song remains to the end and the next song doesn't start to play, is it possible to make an manual for crossfade on andoid, because maybe i'm doing something wrong.

Thank you.
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