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I have winamp 2.74, I have instaled CDReader and Sqr crossfading. I already tried activating CDReader or in_cdda.dll (Nullsoft). Every time I insert an audio CD winamp opens but it doesn't begin to play the CD instead it pops the 'Open File(s)' dialog.
You winamp's gurus please help me!!!!!
I really need to autoplay my CDs
Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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Old 3rd May 2001, 02:39   #2
DJ Egg
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I'm beginning to think that this is a 2.74 bug.
I have exactly the same problem as well!

I use CDReader, and I was going to suggest that maybe the "associate with audio cd" function only works (via autorun feature) if you have the default plugin enabled (in_cdda.dll), but seeing you say that it doesn't work with this either, then yes, it looks like we've unearthed some kinda weird bug ?!?!

I only discovered this myself yesterday, whilst testing out a theory or two (regarding another post about another winamp/cd related problem) . . . 'cos my normal default cd player is CDSpectrum Pro, not Winamp.

Anyway, I've (yet again) managed to come up with a manual fix

If "associate with audio cd" is checked in Winamp Prefs -> Filetypes
Goto: Windows Folder Options -> File Types tab
Scroll down for "AudioCD" entry -> hi-lite -> Edit
Action box : hi-lite "Play" -> Edit
You'll see that the default command line is just the plain path to Winamp.
The following parameter switch needs to be added:
cda://d (where d is the letter of your CD-ROM drive), eg.
"C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe" cda://d
Naturally, you'll need to change the drive letter accordingly, and if you have more than one CD-ROM drive (DVD/Re-Writer/etc), you'll need to change the letter again b4 inserting the CD (doh!)
nb. The single space inbetween ".....exe" & cda is also required!

Autorun should now work again.
This is a pretty crappy solution, but the main thing is that it works!

You'll also need to uncheck "Register files on Winamp start" (Prefs -> Filetypes)
Otherwise the command line will reset itself next time you close & open Winamp.

2.75 Lite Std Full has been released, but I don't see any mention of this bug being addressed or fixed in the whatsnew.txt file.
Maybe I should install 2.75 myself to find out, eh?
I'm still using 2.74 'cos I'm waiting a little bit longer just in case there's any last minute modifications made b4 2.75 is officially announced on the winamp.com site.

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Yes DJEgg, I really think that it's a winamp bug, 'cos I have the same problem since 2.72 version.
The default command for play in the AudioCD registry key is '"C:\Program Files\winamp\winamp.exe" %1' and it's interpreted by windows like 'C:\Programs Files\winamp\winamp.exe E:\' (where %1 = E:\, if this is your CD-ROM drive letter)
So, I did some test trying to run winamp from the DOS command line (C:\Programs Files\winamp\winamp.exe E:\) and I get the same behavior (winamp opens but it brings the open file dialog)
Conclusion: I think that this is a kinda weird bug maybe not detected by Nullsoft yet 'cos there are some old postings not aswered in the forums about the same problem.

BTW, the only way (that I have discovered) to play a CD from the command line (and in consecuence from play command in the AudioCD registry key) is 'C:\Program Files\winamp\winamp.exe cda://E' (the same that you suggest me in your answer)

I really hope that this bug dissapear from winamp soon.

Thanks for your suggest and your fast answer.
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