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nullsoft tiny fullscreen v2.11

Winamp v5.58 (X86) just installed

There are only 3 visualizations that I am interested in; they come from "nullsoft tiny fullscreen v2.11":
1. sexy scrolling voiceprint
2. spectrum analyzer + voiceprint
3. spectrum analyzer + oscilloscope

The voiceprints have a bad flicker, they always have flickered for years.
The colors are also incorrect, like they have been switched with their complementary colors. picture 1, picture 2 changing the colors in the visualization plug-in configuration doesn't change the colors.

CPU: intel core2quad q9300 2.5Ghz
GPU: ATI Radeon 5850 latest driver
motherboard: ASRock P45DE3 latest bios
OS: win 7
standard dvd rom and harddrives

Any solutions, fixes???

(as I typed this, something happened when winamp started it would ask a question and then start one of the visualizations, but the screen would remain black. I could either alt-tab to another program or I could end the process through the task manager. I couldn't close the visualization and the colors of the desktop, other programs and the task manager seemed to have been set to 8bit color. I never saw what the question was as the screen went black a split second later. I had to uninstall then reinstall to get winamp working again.)
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Yeah, this isn't working for me either. I was trying to show someone that aphex twin song and all the colors were wrong and it looked really blocky. None of the configuration settings did anything at all.
I just want a good voiceprint visualization...
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well, at least I know I'm not the only one with issues with it. still, no one has any information or fixes?
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I've been getting color problems too. On my Windows 7 desktop I can't change the colors no matter what, and on my XP netbook it works fine most of the time, but it will occasionally switch to those colors again, although exiting and re-opening the visualizer fixes this. Luckily, I almost never use Winamp on my desktop, but it's still troubling. Wish I could help you guys.
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