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Stopping Winamp from auto starting in Android

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am running Winamp on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Phone. It is running well.

However, I don't want Winamp to start playing songs automatically when I am not using the device (when the device is idling, Winamp automatically starts up and plays music). I want my Winamp to work only when I ask it to work. I don't want it to have a mind of its own to start playing songs when I am not looking.

Thanks for helping with my issue.

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Ditto. Sometimes when I plug in earphones I can't even get winamp to stop with 'force close'. It just keeps restarting. The vast majority of the time this occurs when speakers or earphones are plugged in. Running Froyo 2.2 on HTC Desire with Telus.
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I am having same issue as choon. Whenever I start winamp for android, it starts playing songs automatically. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible...
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I am having same problems. ( android Fascinate).

I am playing music in my car via bluetooth, either another player, Pandora, or Amazon Cloud, and I hit the skip button to go to next song, and my winamp player starts ( along with whatever I was already listening to). I don't want to delete winamp from my phone, but come on this is crazy.....
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Hello ? Anyone ?
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