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Stuck on Playlist!

I've already sumbitted the origional, with only the main screen modified. It's under Anime, should be listed as Chobits. In it is the file you need, however...
I want my playlist contained in the screen the character (Sumomo) is holding in the attachment. I've tried 3 different skin's code, and I have absolutely no clue how to do this!
If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do it for me, you will be treated as my god (and be the first to get a copy of my skin w/ the playlist).
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Here, this will give you what you want.

<groupdef id="pledit.content.group">
<!-- Playlist content control -->
<component x="0" y="0" w="0" relatw="1" h="0" relath="1" noshowcmdbar="1" autoopen="1" autoclose="1" param="guid:{45F3F7C1-A6F3-4ee6-A15E-125E92FC3F8D}"/>

That will create the control all set for use for your playlist, just set the x & y to position it where you want it.

Now.. for my own question.

HOW THE HECK, do you take the playlist and change it's bg (one step at a time) I've been trying for a week and just can't find the code to fiddle with to alter teh playlists non shade mode) (I'm using the defaults original code as a basis since this is my first)
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what do you mean its bg? the background on the actual list? you can only change the color, not insert an image

PHP Code:
<color id="pledit.text" value="200,200,200"/>    <!-- text color in editor -->
color id="pledit.currentoutline" value="225,225,225"/> <!-- current playback file outline color -->
color id="pledit.dir.plitem" value="200,200,200" /> <!-- playlist directory item foreground color -->
color id="pledit.dir.working" value="225,225,225" /> <!-- playlist directory working playlist item foreground color -->
color id="pledit.dir.workingbg" value="225,225,225" /> <!-- playlist directory working playlist item background color --> 
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Have you looked at all of the xml that can be found in the waca\xml directories? What your looking for can be found there. Find the studio-elements.xml file, and copy it to your skin. Make sure to include ( <include file="..."/> ) it somewhere.

The line you want is
<bitmap id="studio.BaseTexture" file="common/application-background.png"/>

This information is from 488 so you may need to look in other places if you use anything else. At any rate the file I spoke of should exist somewhere.

edit: look at frisbeemonkey's post in this thread, Appearently I've missed two places you should look.

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