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winamp eq(4front) support issues *cliffs*

First, let me start off by saying that I install carputers in cars, and normally I go with mp3car.com and use some sort of front end programs, in this particular case I use windows and winamp to play music. Cliff notes are at the bottom, story follows:

Currently, on the computer I am typing from I have an older version of winamp that does not have the problem I am about to explain.

I compete in sound quality events and I have quite the system right now, however, the only thing holding me back is the VST eq support. I use a 31band VST eq plugin with a winamp VST bridge plug in to tune my system at home, and tried to do this in the carputer only to realize the newest version of winamp has 4front eq built in. I dont have a problem with 4front, its a great 10band stand alone eq for the basic user but now its combined with winamp. Not only that, but its slightly different than the stand alone version. the frequency centers are different on the winamp version to coincide with the bass/treble knobs. THIS IS A PROBLEM because it always uses the built in eq, unless its not an mp3 (it seems to be only mp3's are affected by the eq)

So heres my problem, my 38000 some songs are roughly 30% flac files, 40% mp3, 15% ogg and 5% wma. ALL of which are set into playlists in this system and only on the mp3 files does the eq make a difference
So what I have done temporarily is installed the stand alone 4 front aswell, which seems to take over on flac/ogg/wma. And when an mp3 is playing, winamp makes the stand alone (inactive), even says so in the title, and infact, does disable it. The problem being I am unable to get both the 4front eq's to line up equally. Meaning a flac file and an mp3 exactly the same will have different eq'ing, due to the fact that the winamp eq takes control on ANY mp3 file. This also happens with my vst bridge and 31band, the flac/ogg/wma are the only ones controlled by it. Kind of takes the usefulness of it away

My suggestion: is to have winamp's eq be able to be disabled. Because I would really like to stick with the winamp interface and skin, because, well frankly it looks nice and does the job well with a 8" touchscreen in the car. Its just this eq thing thats hurting me. Normally I dont use winamp, and use a different type of eq software, but this just seems stupid that the winamp eq is undisableable.

**cliffs: I install carputers in cars and compete in sound quality events, normally using a seperate front end program, this time im using windows+winamp and like it. However, the winamp eq (4front merged ones) conflicts with any other eq in the sense that the winamp one disables all others when it plays mp3s and uses its own, but becomes useless on any file that ISNT an mp3. Requesting an option to disable the winamp eq (and/or bass/treble knobs aswell) so I can use a good VST plug in with a VST bridge for winamp. it works on the computer im typing from because I have an older version of winamp installed, and does not have the 4front eq merged like the new ones do. Turning the winamp eq off doesnt mean it allows the other eq's to turn on. Its a problem because I have thousands of dollars of sound equipment and the limited eqing hurts system performance a little. It still sound immaculate but winamp limiting this option sucks

ps: just checked, it seems OGG is still taken over by winamp aswell, possibly wma aswell. Dont have any in the system right now. Flac files however, go to the external eq and bypass winamp eq settings
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That is a lot of text and I got bored and skimmed the rest of it, but I get the impression you want the old style EQ for MP3s back?

Prefernces > Plugins > Input > Double click "Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder" > Decoder Tab (I think) > check "Fast Layer3 EQ"

That option has alwyas been there, and used to be checked by default. Though, the 4Front PCM EQ was considered better, so as time moved on the default setting was eventually changed to default.

If I am totally off base on your request, sorry

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Turn off the 24 bit playback support (Preferences\Playback) and it comes straight back.
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