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Timeshift Streaming (Rewind/Jump/FastForward parts of a stream)

My suggestion or 'wishlist' feature is to rewind, fast foward (only if you are behind the live feed), Jump to when the SHOUTcast title changed (e.g. find the song they played again) in a changable size (disk) buffer (e.g. ranging from a minute to like 10 or 12 hours). Currently there are hardly any features like this (as of v5.32) not even the position bar shows up(another thing i would to use to control the fast forwaring and rewind, as winamp doesn't have ff or rew buttons)!
Please respond if this has been implemented in a 3rd party plugin or something or if u need more info!
Thanks for reading,
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Will never happen, and if somebody does it with a plugin, it will be rejected by Nullsoft.
- Due to legal liability issues, any information or references to information about streamripping applications are strictly prohibited within these forums. Any threads/posts containing such information will be edited/deleted without warning..
This thread will now be locked, as this discussion is over.

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